LONOHANA Chocolate Bars

We produce three unique batches of our Limited Edition chocolate bars approximately every eight weeks. These bars are sold through the LONOHANA Chocolate Club, as well as at our retail store in Honolulu and on our website.

We have several levels of membership available, designed to fit all levels of interest and chocolate devotion.

However many bars remain after fulfilling our members' shipments we make available online and at the store.

How Does the Chocolate Club Work?

Similar to CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) programs, the LONOHANA Chocolate Club connects people directly with our cacao farm here on O'ahu. Members receive a delivery six times per year - choosing either 1, 2 or 3 bars from each of the three batches shipped directly to their door.

In addition to pure chocolate bars, our Limited Edition bars incorporate an array of Hawaii-grown inclusions, such as cacao nibs, coffee, sea salt and spices. We never stop exploring delicious flavor combinations, and members get to explore the rich agricultural bounty that Hawaii has to offer.

Membership has its rewards! By becoming a member you ensure that you will never miss out on any of our Limited Edition bars. Members receive free shipping, complimentary factory tours, access to member-only chocolate offerings and discounts on any future purchases. Click here to see all membership options


Ordering Chocolate without a membership 

Any bars remaining after fulfilling our member shipments are available in our online store or at the factory. Please note that quantities will fluctuate and  once a Limited Edition bar sells out. Descriptions of all our bars and any available for purchase are listed here


Oahu Locals and Island Visitors

For those of you who live here on the islands, we are pleased to offer a flat $5 shipping charge on all purchases. If you live locally, or are just visiting, we also are happy to have you visit us at our retail store!



All levels of membership include FREE Shipping. (excluding International)

Individual purchases are all shipped via Priority USPS and have the following shipping charges:

$50 and under = $10  |  $50-$150 = $15  |  $150 and more = FREE

Hawaii Residents: There is a flat $5 shipping charge for all deliveries made to Hawaii addresses.

International Orders: There is a flat $75 shipping charge for all international orders. All orders are shipped Priority USPS. International memberships have an additional $200 shipping

As we are located in the tropics, chocolate is heat sensitive, and we care about the environment - we ship our bars in 100% recycled insulation with non-toxic, re-usable cool packs. Please recycle the insulation in your garden waste as it is made of non-toxic recycled bluejeans (cotton) and use the ice packs in your children's' lunches or for picnics. All other packaging is as close to 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard/packaging as we can find.

We primarily use USPS Priority 2-Day for all deliveries. We strongly suggest using a business address for shipping, so there is always someone there to accept delivery. 

Annual Memberships are billed once per year. You may cancel at any time during the year, however if cancellation occurs prior to the fulfillment of the six-shipment per annual cycle, Lonohana Estate Chocolate LLC will reimburse the remaining unused portion of annual membership less $25 per shipment already delivered. 

Lifetime Memberships are not transferable. Lonohana Estate Chocolate LLC is not responsible for acts of God, weather or catastrophic events, which would prevent cacao being harvested and/or chocolate produced in the future. Lonohana declares that after 3 years (36 months) from the date of payment the contractual/financial obligation is deemed to have been fulfilled, and any cessation of operations, or inability to fulfill further shipments thereafter will not result in any refund. If prior to three year anniversary, Lonohana Estate Chocolate LLC were to cease operations and/or not be able to fulfill its obligation to lifetime members, those members would have the option to be reimbursed at a pro forma rate of $500 per annum of the unused portion of the three-year period.