Six times per year, members of the Lonohana Chocolate Club receive deliveries direct to their door, with all three of the latest small batch creations. We craft and release three unique bars every eight weeks, with only a single batch (350 bars) made of each. Because of our limitations on quantities, these bars  are only available to club members, or at the factory, while supplies last.

There are three levels of annual membership to choose from, depending on whether you prefer 1, 2 or 3 bars of each batch. For a very lucky few, we are offering up to 50 Lifetime memberships - where you will receive the top level of membership for the rest of your life. All levels of membership include subsequent discounts and free factory tours.

To never miss out on any of Lonohana's unique, single batch bars, please join us in this most rewarding Chocolate Club. 

All levels of membership include FREE shipping