• "Alae Ula" Dark with Salt & Nibs

  • Description: 

    The ‘Alae ‘Ula is an endangered bird that, according to Hawaiian mythology, shared with mankind the secrets of making fire, which was crucial for survival.

    Named after this rare bird, this bar is also mysterious and rare, and one of our most popular Limited Edition bars.

    We sprinkle Alaea sea salt from Moloka‘i and gently roasted and chopped cacao nibs on the back of our 67% dark Hawaii-grown chocolate. It is a crunchy, salty, creamy and addictive chocolate bar, and just like fire, we believe it might be essential to life.

    Ingredients: Big Island cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, Moloka‘i Alaea sea salt & cocoa nibs

    Origin: Hawaiian Crown, Hilo

  • $16.00