• Hapalua with Cinnamon

  • Description: 

    In Hawaiian, Hapalua means ‘half and half’ or ‘equal parts’ and is the proprietary name for our signature Hawaii-grown dark milk chocolate. With 50% cacao, our milk chocolate has far more cacao solids than your typical milk bar and is created to appeal to dark and milk lovers alike.

    In this bar we have added organic cinnamon grown in Kona for a delicious flavor combination that truly speaks to Hawaii’s agricultural diversity. This cinnamon is sweeter and mellower than most, providing an amazing, lightly spicy and balanced bar.

    Ingredients: Estate cacao, organic cocoa butter, organic whole milk powder, organic cane sugar & organic Big Island cinnamon

    Origin: Lonohana Estate, Haleiwa, Oahu

  • $14.00